CRISP Wireless is the only truly regionally based
Internet Service Provider in WA

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CRISP Wireless is a leader in delivering fast and reliable internet deploying high quality point-to-point, fixed wireless systems and infrastructure which have been proven across Australia and in many countries globally.

CRISP Wireless reaches across an ever expanding portion of regional Western Australia and has its headquarters in Narrogin, making it the only truly regionally based internet service provider in WA.

We totally understand the shortfalls of connectivity in regional WA because we live and work here too. We are passionate about providing a solution to these shortfalls through the CRISP Wireless systems.

CRISP Wireless has established itself as an innovator and key strategic supplier in the Internet Service Provider (ISP) sector consistently providing fast and reliable internet to our happy customers across regional WA.

All of our customers receive a high quality, business grade, symmetrical service with low contention rates and low latency, plus we offer customised telecommunications solutions for specific local governments, schools, health centres, community hubs, business and residential customers.

A clear leader since 2016, CRISP Wireless looks beyond the obvious, working on advances in technology, and offering transformational communication solutions to ensure social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

Providing fast and reliable Internet to our happy
customers across regional WA with NO "Peak & Off Peak" times

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