18th December 2023 Media Release

The CRISP Wireless network is transforming the Wheatbelt region offering superior internet access to residents and businesses across the Wheatbelt with faster and more reliable internet than some places in the Perth metropolitan area.

CRISP Wireless is one of several organisations who have been awarded funding to expand across the Wheatbelt Region, boosting regional connectivity. CRISP Wireless will receive Commonwealth and State government grant funds for three projects worth over $13 million in funding for the RCP 3 programs.

Maree Gooch, Chair of CRISP Wireless stated “CRISP Wireless is based in Narrogin and is fiercely proud to be a regionally based business.

We actively support the communities across our service area as we ‘shop local’ and also support community groups and events”.

The WA State government is investing to support regional communities and enhance business capacity by collaborating with the Commonwealth Regional Connectivity Program (RCP3) which will see three discrete projects delivered by CRISP Wireless over the coming years.

“I am very proud to share that CRISP Wireless currently reaches across almost 80,000 square kms and 29 local government areas with a broad customer base, including businesses, local government, community groups and residents” Maree commented. 

Maree added “Our customers are our best form of advertising, sharing the benefits of CRISP Wireless which is a testament to the service and support we offer as a high level, business grade service”.

CRISP Wireless has helped many councils, farming businesses and SME’s, Community Resource Centres to reduce input costs plus by providing fast and reliable internet. Management and staff are less frustrated as they are able to achieve their tasks with no more frustration about their internet service.

The continued support of the Commonwealth Regional Connectivity Programs and the WA State Government is a testament to the commitment of CRISP Wireless to providing the service that is needed in regional WA.

CRISP Wireless has managed and has continued to offer their superior service – they have achieved the trifecta for emergency situations – the service continued throughout and the aftermath of 1. Cyclone Seroja, 2. The floods in the central Wheatbelt, and 3. The horrendous fires which ravaged the Central Wheatbelt.

CRISP Wireless has been successful in receiving Commonwealth and WA State Government funding amounting to almost $22 million in projects since 2018, that’s not bad for a regionally based small business from Narrogin!

Visit www.crispwireless.com.au to register or call on (08) 6809 2100 for more information.